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Casa Italiana Language School

About our program

Casa Italiana Language School

We teach conversation from the basic levels to the most advanced.
All instructors are native language proficient.
The primary objective of all courses is to develop speaking and comprehension skills.
Reading and writing are taught at all levels.
Emphasis is given to cultural and traditional aspects of Italy.
The School is equipped with a variety of multimedia material such as cassette and CD players, televisions and VCRs, and overhead projectors, and computers.

Fall 2004
Class schedule
days time class starting class ending frequency
Sunday 9:30AM - 12noon Sept 12 Dec 19 12 wks once a week
Monday 6:30PM-9PM Sept 13 Dec 20 12 wks once a week
Tuesday 6:30PM-9PM Sept 14 Dec 7 12 wks once a week
Wednesday 6:30PM-9PM Sept 15 Dec 8 12 wks once a week
Thursday 6:30PM-9PM Sept 16 Dec 9 12 wks once a week
Mon & Wed 6:30PM-9PM Sept 13 Oct 25 6 wks twice a week
    Sept 14 Oct 21 6 wks twice a week
Tue & Thr 6:30PM-9PM Nov 3 Dec 15 6 wks twice a week
    Nov 2 Dec 14 6 wks twice a week