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Casa Italiana Language School

Language, Culture, and Art classes

Casa Italiana Language School

Our Italian classes are divided into six levels:

  1. - Basic Italian (lvl 1-3)
  2. - Intensive Italian (lvl 1 & 2)
  3. - Italian for Travelers
  4. - Intermediate Italian (lvl 4 & 5)
  5. - Advanced Italian (lvl 6-8)
  6. - Conversational Italian (Intermediate or Advanced)
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There are also Italian Artistic Ceramics classes (introduction or decoration) and Italian Cooking sessions classes.
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Indermediate Italian (levels 1 and 2)

Tuition $225 (30 hrs instruction) Duration 12 weeks Textbook: Oggi in Italia 7th edition - Workbook - $87.00; 5 audio cassettes (optional) - $33.00 Intermediate Level 1. Students will deal with more complex themes so that they will be able to take an active part in social life. Students must be able to express themselves using present, past and future tenses of regular and irregular verbs. Chapters 10 - 13 Intermediate Level 2. Enriched vocabulary and advanced grammar structures will enable the students to handle a number of interactive task-oriented situations. Students at this level will also be able to use subjunctive, and conditional moods. Chapters 14 - 16

Advanced Italian (levels 1 - 3)

Tuition $225 (30 hrs instruction) Duration 12 weeks Textbook: Da Capo, 5th edition - $59.00- (CD included) The following courses are designed for those who already have a good command of the Italian language and wish to review and expand the essential points of grammar covered in the Basic and Intermediate courses and to improve their speaking, reading and writing abilities. Advanced Level 1. Through a thorough review of grammatical structures, students will refine their knowledge of Italian fundamentals, idiomatic expressions, passato prossimo, imperfetto and passato remoto. Chapters 1 - 6 Advanced Level 2. Fluency in Italian will be improved through spontaneous conversation and review of stylistic expressions. In depth review of relative pronouns, ci, ne, present and past subjunctive and conditional. Chapters 7- 10 Advanced Level 3. Proficiency in Italian will be enhanced through more advanced grammar patterns (imperative, "if" clause, and passive forms). Chapters 11 - 14

Conversational Italian

Students who have completed Advanced Italian level 6-8 are encouraged to register for a conversation class to improve their comprehension and speaking skills. These conversation courses are on various topics ranging from politics to movies, etc. During the 2004 Spring/Summer session the following conversational Italian classes are offered on selected days

Intermediate Level Tuition $225 (30 hrs instruction) Duration 12 weeks (Sunday/Monday/Wednesday)

Students who have completed levels 6-8 can work on more difficult structures of the language through literary works, magazine and enwspapter articles. Prerequisite: Advanced Italian levels 6-8 or equivalent.

Advanced Level Tuition $225 (30 hrs instruction) Duration 12 weeks (Sunday at 9:30am or Wed at 6:30pm)

For speakers with a excellent command of Italian who wish to maintain and improve their fluency. It will be geared to students' needs and interests and will include a variety of topics based on selected readings. A course "theme" may be developed according to the common interest of the students and the suggestion of the instructor. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Intermediate Conversation.