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Casa Italiana Language School

Language, Culture, and Art classes

Casa Italiana Language School

Our Italian classes are divided into six levels:

  1. - Basic Italian (lvl 1-3)
  2. - Intensive Italian (lvl 1 & 2)
  3. - Italian for Travelers
  4. - Intermediate Italian (lvl 4 & 5)
  5. - Advanced Italian (lvl 6-8)
  6. - Conversational Italian (Intermediate or Advanced)
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There are also Italian Artistic Ceramics classes (introduction or decoration) and Italian Cooking sessions classes.
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Basic Italian (level 1-2)

Tuition $225 (30 hrs instruction)
Duration 12 weeks
Textbook: Oggi in Italia 7th edition - Workbook - $87.00;
5 audio cassettes (optional) - $33.00

Basic Level 1. Students with no prior knowledge of the Italian language will communicate in simple everyday situations. Preliminary lesson/Chap 1 - 5

Basic Level 2. The introduction of the new vocabulary and more complex grammatical patterns will enable the students to express themselves in a simple form on a broader range of everyday subjects using some past tenses. Chapters 6 - 9

Intensive Italian (levels 1& 2 only)

Tuition $225 (30 hrs instruction)
Duration 6 weeks
Textbook: Oggi in Italia 7th edition - Workbook - $87.00;
5 audio cassettes (optional) - $33.00

Intensive Level 1 or 2. Covering the same amount of material as the beginner courses in half of the time, these intensive classes (offered twice a week) are designed for the fast paced student who cannot commit to 12 weeks of instruction during the Spring/Summer session or to the speakers of romance language who whish to learn Italian at a faster pace.

Classes are held twice a week.
Level 1 Mon& Wed or Tue & Thu 6:30-9PM
Level 2 Mon& Wed or Tue & Thu 6:30-9PM

Italian For Travelers

Tuition $170 (15 hrs instruction) Duration 6 weeks

Italian for Travelers (beginners only) This class is designed for those traveling to Italy for business or pleasure. Each class will be dedicated to a different category of words and verbs needed for conversing. Topics such as: asking/receiving directions; making reservations; handling bills, shopping, food selections, and, of course, making new friends!

Classes are held once a week. Duration 6 weeks
6:30-9PM Thu (Sept 16 - Oct 21 or Nov 10 - Dec 15)